Optimizing exercise for heart and brain health

I recently learned about a new advanced technology for heart health; the Counterpace Guidance System.  The article to follow in this blog post was written by a representative from CounterPace for posting on this website.

Prior to posting the blog, I did some online research about Counterpace and their Guidance System and app. The only thing I found was an encouraging article on the Aging In Place Technology website.

Counterpace has offered to have me try the device which I plan to do sometime before the end of the year. I wilI share my experiences in a future blog.

Enjoy the article that follows by Matt Anderson of Counterpace {September 20, 2019} “Optimizing exercise for heart and brain health”.
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Election Fraud….How Real Is It?

As seniors and retirees, I’m sure we are all concerned about what is happening to our country; if not for our selves, for our children and our grand children.  In my “My Country “the USA”….What’s Happening?” blog post, I questioned what was happening to our country. Of all the concerns expressed, probably the most concerning of all is the potential for fraud in our elections; especially our presidential election in 2020. I this blog post, I will address my reasons to be very concerned about election fraud.

Voter Fraud Does ExistThere are many reasons to be worried, but I am most concerned about social media censorship, news media bias, liberal education indoctrination and Illegal immigrant driver’s licenses. Let me tackle these one at a time.

I hope you find this post equally concerning!
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My Country “the USA”….What’s Happening?

Writing my “Retired What Now” blog posts over the last year and a half I have been determined to not get into politics or religion. However, looking at our country today, one has to ask….What’s Happening?

I am not a politician nor am I involved in politics in any way. I’m just an ordinary senior citizen that has been around for a long time and has respected this country for what it is or, at least, what it use to be.

I grew up during the Second World War and my latter elementary school years and high school years were in the 1950’s. As a kid, the 50’s were very peaceful, patriotic, religious and innocent years. There were parades, there were Christmas pageants, we even sang Christmas carols around a Christmas tree  in public school, everyone saluted the flag, everyone practiced their own religion, or did not practice if they choose not to, and no one questioned our government’s use of “In God We Trust” on our currency, in our government buildings and in our Pledge of Allegiance. Yeah, the Korean War took place in the early 50’s and discrimination was still a problem, but the Korean War ended in 1953 and from my prospective discrimination was mostly in the Southern States. I lived near an African American section in our town, referred to as “the colored section” in my day. We never though the kids from that section of town were any different than ourselves and many of them were good friends.

Now, look at what’s happening to our country today….

We have one political party that wants to significantly change our country; a country that has been more successful since its formation and any other country in the world. They want open borders, they don’t want to know how many citizens there are in our country, they want to cater to illegal immigrants before their own citizens, they want to spend their time trying to impeach our president instead of governing, they want to divide our people instead of bring them together, they want to call everyone a racist for any position they take and they are pushing us away from capitalism toward socialism in spite of the fact that socialism has never been successful in any country that has tried it; Venezuela bring a recent example. Why is this?

There must be more to this than just one political party. Where’s the money coming from? Are there other countries behind it? How do they stay so organized and together? I wish I knew!

What’s really scary is the apparent support this movement has. We have a younger generation in our country that has been schooled in liberalist for years and thinks socialism is the way we should go. We have a press that with few exceptions supports this party and these socialistic ideas and reports only one side of the story. We have a society that thinks that anything, including lying, is justified if it leads to their desired results. Even big companies, the likes of Apple, Google, Facebook, etc., support these liberal socialistic ideas.  Even more scary, it looks like the social media companies are censoring non-liberal content.

All of this is occurring at a time when our country is doing better economically than any other country in the world, when the unemployment rate is at an all-time low, record lows for Blacks and Hispanics and the lowest in decades for women, when we are stronger internationally than we have been in years and when consumer confidence is running at an all time high.

So why does so much of the country support these liberal, socialist ideas? I wish I knew and I wish there was an obvious way to reverse this trend.

I would love to get your comments on this blog post!

My Hearing Aids…The Latest

Until recently, I have never been overly happy with my hearing aids. I started with a pair of MicroTech hearing aids and as expensive as they were, I never felt they did much for me. Next I purchased a pair of Audibel hearing aids and they were much better. Neither the MicroTech nor Audibel hearing aids helped much in a restaurant environment or any environment with significant background noise; they did help some in one-on-one conversations. As I mentioned in my “Hearing: Have a Problem?” blog post back in January 2018, the Audibel hearing aids did connect to my cell phone and to my TV using a Surflink device and that did make a significant improvement in those areas.
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Caring for Someone With Mesothelioma

This guest blog post is compliments of the Mesothelioma Hub

Caring for someone with an aggressive cancer like mesothelioma can be very taxing on family members and loved ones. Common tasks a caregiver may take on include feeding and bathing your loved one, assisting with housekeeping, transporting them to and from medical appointments, administering and tracking medication, and sometimes managing financial and legal matters.
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Advanced Health Directives; When, Why & How?

As the owners of Health Management Systems of USA and my Retired What Now blog, we feel that Advanced Health Directives are a must for not only the elderly, but for persons at any age. We feel so strongly that every individual should have a Living Will and Durable Power of Attorney for Healthcare that have made links available on our HMS of USA website https://hmsofusa.com/advanced-health-directives/, for you to fill out and print Advanced Health Directives forms for your state.
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How to Create a Personal Medical History?

If you’re new to recording your health history, start with the basics and build from there. It’s never too late to start. The next time you’re desperately trying to remember when you had your last physical, you’ll be glad you wrote down the date.
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Patient Rights, Protections & Responsibilities

While working on my blog post for “How to Create a Personal Medical History”, I realized I should first say something about a Patient’s Health Rights, Protections and Responsibilities. Researching this, I found that most of the information was available from government agency websites; like Health & Human Services (hhs.gov), healthcare.gov, medicare.gov and ahrq.org (Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality) along with the National Health Council (nationalhealthcouncil.org), the MedlinePlus (MedlinePlus.gov) and the American Medical Association AMA (https://www.ama-assn.org/) websites.
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What is a Personal Health Record (PHR)?

Personal health records, also known as personal medical records (PMRs), are records kept by a patient to make his or her navigation through the American healthcare system more efficient.

A personal health record, or PHR, is a health record where health data and other information related to the care of a patient is maintained by the patient. This stands in contrast to the more widely used electronic medical record, which is operated by institutions (such as hospitals) and contains data entered by clinicians (such as billing data) to support insurance claims. The intention of a PHR is to provide a complete and accurate summary of an individual’s medical history.
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Why Should You Keep a Personal Health Record (PHR)?

Do you know the last time you had a flu or pneumonia shot? Can you name all the doctors you’ve seen in the past five years or all the conditions you’ve been treated for? It can be difficult to remember everything about your health history. But an easy solution is available – write it all down.

You can make the difference! According to the AHIMA Foundation, the American Healh Information nagement Association, a study suggests that a change in the way we keep health records could save billions. And, according to the report from the Center for Information Technology Leadership at Partners Healthcare System in Boston, widespread use of PHRs could save the US healthcare industry between $13 and $21 billion a year.
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